How to Insert Bookmark to Document with Writer 2013

You can quickly locate a specific section in a document by using the bookmark function. To set up a bookmark, simply take the following steps:

Step 1 Place the insertion point to the place where you want to insert the bookmark.

Step 2 Open the Insert tab, select the Bookmark icon, and open the Bookmark dialogue box, shown as below:

insert bookmark dialog

Figure 1 The Bookmark dialogue box

Step 3 Enter a bookmark name, or choose an existing bookmark name, from the Bookmark Name text box. Then click the Add button at the bottom left to add a bookmark.

Step 4 If there are numerous bookmarks in the document, you can choose a sort method by going to the Sort By group. You can sort by name or by location.

Step 5 If you want to go to the specific location of a bookmark, select a bookmark from the list box and select the Go to button at the bottom of the Bookmark dialogue box.

Step 6 Click OK to complete the operation.