How to Insert Cross Reference in Document with Writer 2013

If you have inserted related captions to a document, you are able to link these captions by the Cross-Reference function, the steps are as follows:

Step 1 Enter the cross-reference introductory text in the document, such as “the cross-reference techniques, see chapter three ".

Step 2 Open the Insert tab and select the Cross-Reference icon. The Cross-reference dialogue box will open and show as below:

insert cross reference

Figure 1 The Cross-Reference dialogue box

Step 3 In the Reference type box, select the item type that you want, such as the Heading option.

Step 4 In the Insert Reference to box, insert the necessary information, such as Head text.

Step 5 In the For which heading list, select the target item, such as “2.7.3. Cross-Referencing” in figure 2.7-6.

Step 6 To jump to the referenced item, choose the Insert as hyperlink check box. Otherwise, the content will be inserted into the selected item directly.

Step 7 Click the Insert button to add the cross-reference.

insert cross reference

Figure 2 The Cross-reference dialogue box