How to Insert Header and Footer into Document with Writer 2013

Header and footer are areas at the top and bottom of the page where you can add additional text or graphics. Adding important information in the header or footer, such as the page number, creation date, document title, or the author's name, is a smart way to ensure that this information is always conveniently located and easy to access to irrespective of how much it is edited.

Insert same header and footer for each page

Step 1 Open he Insert tab and select the Header and Footer icon to open the Header and Footer tab, shown as follows:

header and footer tab

Figure 1 The Header and Footer tab

Step 2 You can either directly add information into the header and footer section presented at the top and bottom of the page, or use the icons presented in the Header and Footer tab.

Tips: To modify header and footer content, simply double click on the header or footer area and revise the content.

Change header and footer settings

If you want to set the layout of the header or footer, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 Open the Header and Footer tab by click the Header and Footer icon in the Insert tab. Select the Header and Footer Options icon to open the Page Setup dialogue box and select the Layout tab, shown as below:

page layout tab

Figure 2 The page layout tab

Step 2 Choose the Section start option in the Section part.

Step 3 In the Headers and footers section, you can choose the Different odd and even or Different first page options. You can also enter the distance in the Header and Footer input box.

Step 4 Choose Apply to Whole Document in the Preview section.

Step 5 Click OK to complete the operation.

Navigate between header and footer

If you need to switch quickly between the header and the footer, click Switch Between Header and Footer in Header and Footer tab. If you finish editing the header and footer, select the Close icon at the end of the Header and Footer tab.

Delete Header and Footer from document

To remove a header or a footer, simply enter the header and footer editing area and delete the entire contents. Double click the main text to exit and complete the process.

Tips: If the document is not broken into sub-sections, then deleting the contents of one header or footer means to delete the contents of all headers and footers. If the document has been broken into sub-sections, you can delete a header or footer for only one section, as long as you open the Link to Previous function in the Header and Footer tab.