How to Insert Page Numbers in Document Using Writer 2013

Page numbers are highly useful in the navigation of multi-page documents. You can manually insert page numbers, set a different page format, and specify the starting page number of the current document.

Insert Page Numbers in header or footer

To insert page numbers to the header or footer, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Open the Insert tab and click the Page Number icon. The Page Number drop-down list will open and show as below:

page number drop down list

Figure 1 Page Number drop-down list

Step 2 Select the page number type you prefer in the Header and Footer section.

Step 3 After selecting one of the page number type by directly clicking it, the Header and Footer section will appear at the top and bottom of the current page and you can modify the page number by the Modify page number and Delete page number menu shown below:

modify page number

Figure 2 Modify the page numbering

Step 4 In the modify page number menu, you can set the Page number format, Page number position, and Apply to ranges in the corresponding section by choosing the preferred style from the roll-down list in the right.

Step 5 Select the Page number restart select box to restart the page number and insert the preferred starting page number in the insert box in the right.

Step 6 Click OK to complete the operation.

Step 7 Open the Delete page number menu and select the preferred option to delete page numbers. You can choose Delete current page’s number, Delete below pages’ page numbers, Delete current section’s page numbers, and Delete all page numbers.

Step 8 Click OK to complete the operation.

Tips: After inserting the page number, you can set the font of the page number by right-clicking it and choosing the Font option in the context menu. Then set the font in the Font dialogue box. However, any changes made in one page will affect the format of all pages in the document.