How to Use Different First Page Header and Footer in Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, you can use different header and footer on the first page from the rest of the document. To use this feature, take the steps in this guide.

Use different header and footer for the first page

Step 1 Double click on the header and footer editing area to open the Header and Footer tab.

Step 2 Click the Header and Footer Options icon in the Header and Footer tab, and the Page Setup dialogue box will open.

Step 3 In the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box, select the Different first page check box in the Headers and Footers section as shown below:

different first page

Figure 1 Select a different first page

Step 4 Click the OK button to complete the operation.

Step 5 After setting, select the Print Preview option in the Writer menu at the top left corner and the effect will show as below:

different first page header and footer

Figure 2 The Different first page effect