How to Insert WordArt in Document Using Writer 2013

WordArt is used to apply special effects to the text. This function allows the user to decorate, stretch, and rotate the text, as well as to adjust the character spacing. Moreover, there are further options, such as formatting the WordArt and resetting the shape of the WordArt.

Insert WordArt

To insert the WordArt, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Place the insertion point to the place where you want to insert the WordArt.

Step 2 Open the Insert tab and click the WordArt icon to open the WordArt Gallery dialogue box shown as follow:

wordart gallery

Figure 1 The WordArt Galley dialogue box

Step 3 Select the WordArt style that you prefer and click the OK button. The Edit WordArt Text dialogue box will then open and show as below:

wordart dialog box

Figure 2 The Edit WordArt Text dialogue box

Step 4 Enter the desired contents in the Text box. You can also set the font type, size, bold type and italic type of the contents by the available toolbar.

Step 5 When satisfied, click the OK button to complete the operation:

wordart in writer

Figure 3 The WordArt effect

Once the WordArt has been inserted into the document, you can select to move or re-size it as you would with other objects. You can also edit the WordArt by the WordArt tab.