How to Fill WordArt with Color, Gradient, Texture and Picture in Writer 2013

After inserting the WordArt, the WordArt tab will appear in line with the Home tab on the top of the window. You can set the format of the WordArt by different commands offered in the WordArt tab, such as changing the WordArt gallery and setting the WordArt effects.

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Fill WordArt with color

To fill the WordArt with color, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Select the WordArt that you want to fill and open the WordArt tab.

Step 2 Choose a color from the WordArt Fill drop-down list in the WordArt tab.

Step 3 To cancel the WordArt fill, select the No Fill option.

Fill WordArt with gradient, texture, pattern or picture

Step 1 To add or change the gradient, select the Gradient option. Choose the Gradient tab in the Fill Effects dialogue box, and then you are free to set the color, transparency, and shading styles of the WordArt.

Step 2 To add or change the texture, select the Texture option. Choose the texture you prefer in the Texture tab of the Fill Effects dialogue box. To customize texture, select the Other Texture option at the bottom of the dialogue box and choose the texture you prefer.

Step 3 To add or change a pattern, select the Pattern option. Select the pattern you prefer in the Pattern tab of the Fill Effects dialogue box.

Step 4 To add or change a picture, select the Picture option. Find the folder which contains the picture that you want to use, select the picture, and click the OK button. If you select two non-contiguous texts and apply one picture fill, each of the selected text will be filled with the whole picture. Picture can not span over multiple selected texts.

Step 5 Click the OK button to complete the operation.