How to Apply Page Border to Document with Writer 2013

You can add custom border to documents with Writer 2013. You can customize line weight, line color of the page border. See steps below.

Add Page Borders to Documents

To add a page border to your document, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Open the Page Layout tab, click the Page Borders icon, and open the Borders and Shading dialogue box. The default tab is the Page Border tab as shown below:

change page border

Figure 1 The Borders and Shading dialogue box

Step 2 In the Setting section, select one of the varieties of the border: None, Box, and Custom.

Step 3 In the Style list box, select the style of the border line, such as the double line, the dotted line, etc.

Step 4 In the Color drop-down list, select the color of the border line.

Step 5 In the Width drop-down list, select the width of the border line.

Step 6 In the Apply to drop-down list, select the application scope of the border.

Step 7 The potential changes you have made will be displayed in the Preview section.

Step 8 When satisfied, click the OK button to complete the operation.