How to Update Table of Content in Document Using Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, it is very easy to update the TOC. Open the References tab and click the Update TOC icon. Or you can right-click the mouse to open the context menu and select the Update Field option there. The Update Table of Contents dialogue box will then open and show as below:

update table of content

Figure 1 The Update Table Of Contents dialogue box

Step 1 If you select the Update page numbers only option, then only the numbers of the existing catalog will be updated without any change to the table of contents .

Step 2 If you select the Update entire table option, the whole table of contents will be updated.

Tip: If you want to copy the whole table of contents to another file, and then save it or print it alone, you must disconnect its links with the original text. Otherwise, errors will occur in the page numbers when you save and print it. The specific method for this is to select the whole table of contents and press the <Ctrl+Shift+F9> combination key.