How to Put Page Numbers on Opposite Corners (for Books) in Kingsoft Writer

Sometimes you will need to insert page numbers, which are placed at the bottom of the page on opposite sides — as in a book, even numbers on the left, odd numbers on the right. So how can we achieve this in Kingsoft Writer?

Align page numbers at the inside/outside corner of pages

Open your document in Kingsoft Writer 2013, and click Insert tab. Find Page Numbers drop-down menu. The following page number library pops up.

place page number inside 

Divide document into sections

If you have a preface and a Table of Contents part for your document, you might need to start your page numbering from the main document body. In this case, you can insert a Next Page Section Break between different parts. This can be found in Insert tab.

next page section break

Then for each section, you can apply different page numbering format. You can decide whether to continue page numbering from the previous section.