How to Add Captions in Writer 2013

A caption is a numbered label. In Kingsoft Writer, you can add captions to tables, charts and etc.

If you want to add captions to the existing tables, charts, formulas, and other items, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Select an item for which you want to insert a caption.

Step 2 Open the References tab and click the Caption icon. The Caption dialogue box will then open (see figure 1).

Step 3 Select the desired label from the Label drop-down list, such as Equation, Figure, and Table.

Step 4 If these labels do not meet your needs, click the New label button and open the New label dialogue box (see figure 2). Enter the name in the Label text box, and then click the OK button to return to the Caption dialogue box. At this point, the new label will appear in the Label drop-down list.

add caption to table in writeradd caption to table in writer

Figure 1 The Caption dialogue box Figure 2 The New Label dialogue box

Step 5 Kingsoft Writer also provides the adding chapter numbers function. Select the Numbering option and open the Caption Numbering dialogue box as shown below. Choose the Include chapter number check box which will allow you to add chapter numbers to the document.

add caption to table in writer

Figure 3 Set the caption numbering

Step 6 Click the OK button to complete the operation. If you want to add text, you can enter the text after the caption mark. See below:

add caption to table in writer

Figure 4 Insert the caption for a table

Step 7 To delete a caption, select the caption and press the <Delete> key. After deleting this caption, Writer will automatically update the numbering for the rest of the captions.

Tips: If you have inserted related captions to a document, you are able to link these captions by the Cross-Reference function, the steps are as follows:

Step 1 Open the References tab and click the Cross-Reference icon. The Cross-reference dialogue box will open and show as below:

add caption to table in writer

Figure 5 The cross-reference settings

Step 2 Create the cross-reference as shown in Figure 5.

When you press the <Ctrl> key and click the reference link, you can quickly jump to a specified location.