How to Modify Document Under Tracking Changes Mode in Writer 2013

To modify a document under Tracking Changes mode in Writer 2013, follow steps below:

Step 1 Open the document that you want to modify, and open the tracking changes mode.

Step 2 You can edit the document as an ordinary document. However, any changes to the document will be marked. See below:

track changes

Figure 1 The tracking changes mode

Tips: To view a change, place the cursor in the change section. The prompt will open, including the name, time, and operation of the change.

Step 3 There are four options in the Display for Review section: Final Show Markup, Final, Original Show Markup, and Original. The following figure demonstrates the Original Show Markup option which displays all of the changes made to the document. If you want to clearly see the effect of the revised document, select the Final Show Markup option.

track changes in Writer 2013

Figure 2 The Original Show Markup view

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