How to Create Questionnaire in Kingsoft Writer

The questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions. It has lots of advantages such as finding more true, objective, and accurate answers than other types of surveys. Companies often turn to questionnaires to gain a greater understanding of the consumer base. The biggest problem with using questionnaires for conducting research is collecting the data after they've been filled out. Tallying data is tedious and can take hours, taking time away from you or your employees.

Kingsoft Office Free 'Forms' function allows you to create e-questionnaire and send them via email to your target audience. It will easily solve the paper questionnaire cost problems and is more convenient and quick.

This article will show you how to create a questionnaire by using the Kingsoft Writer Free version. The steps are as follows:

1. After completing the content of questionnaire, move the cursor behind the answer that should be chosen.

2. On the Insert tab, first click the Check Box Form Field, and then choose Form Field Shading to cancel the shading, next click the Protect Form button. Thus, when you use the mouse to click the checkbox it will switch between the selected and not selected status. The Schematic diagram is shown as follows:

form field

3. Whether your questionnaire requires the user to select two or multiple answers, you can use the functions of the Drop-Down Form field. Then just move the cursor to the answer you want to selected.

4. On the Insert tab, first click the Drop-Down Form Field button, a new form field will appear, then double click the from field, a Drop-down Form Field Options dialog box will pop-up.

form field

5. In the dialog box, choose Add button to add the content that you need, if want to add more content, click the Add again to add another one, once you're finished just click OK to complete.

form field

6. Finally, click the Protect Form button. Thus, when you click the form field, the optional answer will pop up.

form field