How to Zoom a Document in Writer 2013

To zoom the document in Writer 2013, the options are as follows:

zoom document in writer 2013

Zoom document to 100% percent

Click the 100% icon zoom level of document in the View tab, the document will then be displayed in accordance with the ratio of 100%.

Zoom document to other levels

2. Alternatively, you can click the Zoom icon to open the Zoom dialogue box and enter the proportion you prefer. Click the OK button to complete the operation.

zoom level of document

Zoom document to page width

Click the Page Width icon in the View tab and the page width of the document will be zoomed to the width of the window.

Zoom document to display one/two pages in window

In the View tab, click the One Page icon and the current document will be displayed in one page in the window. Click the Two Pages icon and two pages of the current document fits in the window.