How to Insert Autotext as Page Number in Word Document

In Kingsoft Writer, you can add Auto Text to header and footer of your word document. Auto Text can be used as page numbers.

Use Auto Text as Page Numbers

Step 1 Click Insert > Header&Footer to open Header&Footer tab.

Step 2 Move your cursor to either header or footer area of your document. Click Auto Text option under Header&Footer tab, and select one type of auto text from the drop-down list.

insert autotext

There are four types of Auto Text that can be used as automatic page number in your word document. Select any one from the four and it will be inserted directly to document header or footer. After inserting the auto text you can go to Home tab, and adjust the page number alignment, font size, font family and more.

You can edit the auto text after inserting it to header or footer. The numbers in the auto text will show page numbers automatically.

Apply Separate Page Numbers to Different Sections

If you would like to divide your document into different sections and apply different page numbers, you can go to Section tab and break the document to several sections. When you add auto text to header or footer of each section, press Page Numbers button and set page numbers to start from the number you want, and apply to this section only.