How To Remove Hyperlinks From Kingsoft Writer Documents

Sometimes when you copy content from a webpage and paste it into Kingsoft Writer document, it can be annoying to have a lot of formatting or hyperlinks in the content. Here in this article, we will see how to remove the formatting and hyperlinks easily in Kingsoft Writer.

Remove Hyperlinks Using Paste Special

Matching the current formatting is a very convenient function, especially when you don't want to keep some styles of the text you copied from the web. Through this function, you can achieve the pasting effect you expected. The operation of this function is very easy, see following steps:

Step 1 Copy a part of text from a webpage and paste it in your Kingsoft Writer document.

Step 2 After pasting, you will see the paste button, click to show the paste options. Select Unformatted Text.

paste matching

The content will be pasted as plain text, with formatting and hyperlinks removed.

If you would like to set this as default, you may go to Kingsoft Writer > Options. Find Cut and Paste Options under Edit tab, select Unformatted text as default paste format.

paste unformatted text without hyperlinks

Remove Hyperlinks Using Keyboard Shortcut

In case you want to keep the original formatting or match the current formatting in the document, but only want to remove the hyperlinks, there is also an easy way to do this.

Step 1 In order to keep the original formatting or match the current formatting of existing text, you can click the Paste button which appear after you paste the content, and select Formatted Text (keep the original formatting) or Matching Current Format (match the current format of your document).

paste content with hyperlinks

Or, if you want to set the above as default, you may go to Kingsoft Writer > Options. Find Cut and Paste Options under Edit tab, select Formatted text or Matching the current format as default 
paste format.

Step 2 Remove all hyperlinks in the pasted text. Use “Ctrl+A” to select all content, then use the key combination “Ctrl+Shift+F9”. you will find that all the hyperlinks are gone! Quite convenient, isn't it? You can test this method in your document right away.