How to Use the Document Map in Kingsoft Writer 2013

The Document Map in Writer 2013 helps to easy navigate in long documents. You can jump around your document by different levels of headings.

How to show Document Map?

To view Document Map under Kingsoft Writer 2013, click View menu and click Document Map button, and the button is highlighted. The Document Map is shown on the right by default. If you want to show the pane on the left, click on the arrow under Document Map button, and select Place on Left.

NOTE: To make full use of the Document Map, you must format the headings in your document using the built-in headings styles. The document outline on the Document Map is generated using the built-in headings in your document, which ranges from Heading 1 to Heading 9.

How to Set Document Map Levels

You can select which heading level you want to display on the Document Map pane by clicking Show Level button on the bottom of the pane. In the above example, Level 1 is selected, so only the outline with Heading 1 style is shown. If you select Level 2, then all Heading 1 items display expanded to only show Heading 2 items. Any headings under Heading 2 are collapsed and do not show. Click on any heading in the outline to quickly jump to that section of your document.

document map show level

You can also expand or collapse the headings using the plus and minus signs to the left of the headings.

Conclusion: The Document Map allows you to easily navigate in a long document, and also can show where your cursor is in your documents. While you scroll through the word document, the current heading is highlighted in the Document Map.