How to Add Background Picture to Documents with Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 supports Page Background feature, which allows you to add background pictures and apply background ficture and other effects to word document.

Apply Fill Effects Background to Word Document

There are special fill effects including Gradiant, Texture and Pattern. Under 2013 style interface, go to Page Layout > Background, you can get Gradient, Texture and Pattern.

Gradient: You can set Gradient Colors to to be one color, two colors or preset, and set its transparency and Shading stylesVariants.

Texture: Choose from various texture styles provided by Writer. You may also select other texture from your local computer.

Pattern: Writer offers abundant pattern styles for you to choose from. You can specify different colors for Foreground and Background of the texture style.

Add a Picture Background to Word Document

Under 2013 style interface, go to Page Layout > Background, and then select Picture, the Fill Effects dialog will pop up. Select a picture from your logo computer and press OK. The picture will be inserted to the document as background.

page background picture

Insert a Picture Background

Note: Please note that when print the document, the background picture will not show. If you need to print the picture as well, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 Add the picture to the header or footer of the document.

Step 2 Double click to set the picture layout as Behind Text.

Step 3 Stretch the picture to fit the paper size.

Step 4 Go to Writer menu > Options > Print tab, tick the checkbox before Drawing objects, and press OK.

In this way, the background picture can be print out with the document.