How to Apply Header Background to Only the First Page of Writer Document

Sometimes you may need to add a background picture to only the first page, in this case you need to insert a next page section break into the document after the first page. Here in this article we will show you how to do this in Kingsoft Writer.

Add a Picture as Header Background

Step 1 Launch Kingsoft Writer 2013, and select Insert > Header and Footer option. The Header and Footer will become editable. Or you can simply double click the Header or Footer area to enter editing mode.

Step 2 Click Picture in Insert tab, and select a picture from local folder to insert it into the header area.

Insert a Next Page Section Break

Step 3 Go to Section > Split Section and select to insert a Next Page Section Break. And then double click on the Header area of the NEW section, and cancel the Link to Previous option, and delete the header picture.

add picture background to only first page add picture background to only the first page

Step 4 Go back to the first section, and set the Header picture layout to be Behind text. Adjust its size to fit the paper size.

In this way, a picture background is successfully applied to the first page only.